Interested Parties

Interested Parties

Beginning June 2024, Sortilege will be hosting roleplaying game events in Minneapolis and online.

You can get a ticket for a specific event below, or you can help subsidize a ticket for someone who might otherwise not be able to afford one. You can also find events using the calendar.

These events are not organized through, but you can check out Jordan's gamemaster profile there and see reviews (or add your own!)

Now Playing

  • World of Darkness at The Wilderness: Try a single-session game of Vampire: the Masquerade, Hunter: the Reckoning, or Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Tuesday nights.
  • Speakeasy Nights at Volstead's Emporium: Try a single-session game of Call of Cthulhu, select Wednesdays.
  • Bellum Arborem: Join a campaign of woodland mercenaries in the Root roleplaying game, based on the popular board game, Sunday afternoons [currently full]
  • Playtest Daggerheart: This is an existing campaign of Descent into Avernus, but using the Daggerheart Open Beta rules. Email for consideration. Alternate Wednesdays, at a private residence.
  • Free RPG Day: Join our tables for Paranoia, Xenolanguage, TEETH, or Legend of the Five Rings, or check out the other tables at Tower Games for June 22nd.


There will be some digital games announced for August in the coming weeks (including, most likely, a Svilland game).

Starting in September will be several ongoing campaigns that will support players dropping in and out, as well as a series of one-shots using different systems and settings.