B Sides Summer Schedule

B Sides Summer Schedule

Ptolus, City of the Spire


In June over two fateful sessions we explored a derelict science vessel and unleashed the horrors within.


In July we are anthropomorphic animals and their bug companions, traversing the Haeth, finding lost caterpillars, secret universities, and celebrating the seasons.

Our next and final session is on Tuesday the 19th at 6pm. $10 at Tower Games, Minneapolis.


Finally, we will be finishing up the summer with a delve into Ptolus using the D&D 5th edition rules. If you are a confirmed player, you may pick up your play materials under your name at Tower Games.

Our first is August 2nd, 6pm. $10 at Tower Games. We'll finish character creation and get everyone set up, and begin our adventure, which will proceed over the following Tuesdays in August.

Jordan Peacock

Jordan Peacock