Interested Parties: Looking Ahead to Autumn

We're entering our second month of RPGs in Uptown Minneapolis. Last month we had games of Vampire, Werewolf, Legend of the Five Rings, Xenolanguage, and more. For July we have World of Darkness games at the Wilderness every Tuesday night, and a game of Alien add Oddmart.

But looking ahead, we have a couple great announcements: we'll continue to have events at Volstead's Emporium, and will be adding events at The Coven. Additionally, we'll be collaborating with Bad Wolf Adventure Studio.

We'll be updating later this month with a survey to determine which campaigns get launched in September, at which venues. In the meantime, take a look on the Discord or check the calendar for updates.

Tickets for events are all available here: Linktree.

Jordan Peacock

Jordan Peacock